Wednesday, May 16, 2012

custom wedding portraits

Because I just can't get enough wedding action...I am now offering custom wedding portraits in my shop. You can order a 9 x 12 portrait on wood panel here, or feel free to contact me regarding other sizes and pricing.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

photos from our tiny wedding


Before, during (with my future brother in law Marcos in the background) and after...with my parents, then at the Wayfare Tavern, Kai and my brother Johnny. And our rings, and the view out our super swanky Hotel Vitale window. My mom is sending more photos, so you might catch a few more later.

I ended up wearing a dress my mom made a while back out of vintage kimono fabric from my sweet childhood neighbors who sadly passed away this last year. I received a beautiful opal necklace from my grandma. It was given to her by my grandpa a long way back.  You can't really see in the photos, but it felt so special to wear!

We are so happy to be married, and on Saturday, Kai's sister and my brand new wonderful sister in law, Esther is tying the knot, so we have a bunch of family in town, and it is two weeks of celebrating...and more photos soon!!


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

surprise wedding!

In the midst of painting and making prints, and all the other things which keep us busy, Kai and decided it was time to tie the knot! At first we thought we'd do it all in secret, eloping at San Francisco City Hall, and surprising family and friends after the fact...but then excitement got the better of us, and we found out you can't really elope at City Hall, you must have a little ceremony! So I guess it will be a tiny wedding. It is official, we are getting hitched on in the day after tomorrow.

Above is my beautiful ring, made so quickly by the wonderful Marisa of Tula Jewelry. I think I am going to wear a black dress I bought a couple of weeks ago from Bad Baby Vintage, and am keeping my fingers crossed my new ballet flats from the white ribbon arrive today or tomorrow, just to have on hand in case I chicken out on wearing heels.

More soon, and photos to follow!