Friday, October 21, 2011

keepin' calm...and missing our stories

"Hey, it's Lil' Sebastian from Parks and Recreation!" (my observation after spotting the awesome little stuffed guy above on Etsy).  We are some what deprived of TV and internet at our new house in the trees. People keep congratulating us, like we are doing something good and honorable- hardly our intent!

We used to download everything, including about twenty different shows, and now have a lame-o cap on our daily usage. Watching one movie trailer (Kai's favorite activity) can completely deplete it, and we are left we nothing. The price we pay to wake up with the ocean out our bedroom window...I'll stop complaining.

But, in case any avid TV watchers happen upon this...just curious, what are we missing?
Has anyone been watching Bored to Death? It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Boardwalk name a couple off our long list of favorites.

Awesome items above: lil' sebastian by Royal Mint, Vintage purse from Nemres, and Keep Calm and Carry On by Animalia Shop

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a few house photos

 In an order that doesn't really make sense: We planted a nopale cactus, and some succulents and took out the flowery plants. Kai made a really neat spice rack. We have a claw foot bath tub, and after two years with no bathtub, it is getting a lot of use...although still no shower curtain, so we take showers in the other bathroom, which has kind of an 80's feel (hence no photos).  And that is the view out our kitchen window...and a little peak onto our deck.

Once my studio, and our house are a bit more put together, I will post more photos.

This weekend we are meeting my mom and her friends in SF to stay at the Palace Hotel and hang out while they participate in the Nike Women's Marathon. We have reservations tomorrow night at the Park Tavern which looks fun, but if anyone has any other SF suggestions I would love to hear! There are so many awesome sounding restaurants, but pretty much all of them were already booked when we started calling around last week...sheesh!

My parents rented a house around the corner from us, and will be staying next week while we all catch up on some wine tasting and good wine drinking. I hate to admit it, but Kai and I have gotten hooked on Trader Joe's new box wine at about $10 a box. Every time we see my parents we drink really good wine, and then go through horrible withdrawals when we go back to drinking the cheap stuff. It is a double edged sword! Any suggestions on not super gross wine for a starving artist budget??

Have a happy almost weekend.

i made a table

I made this table for under $200 with a 9 foot plank from an old cedar sinker log from the 1930's and a pair of vintage sewing machine legs. I spent a whole day sanding with a tiny power sander...and after I finished and my lungs were full of sawdust Kai went and bought a bigger and better sander to use for other projects. Thanks Kai :(

We stained and oiled the wood together with tung oil. I've never made furniture before, and I am pretty proud of my table, even though it is a little wobbly unless it's wedged in the corner.

It is my sewing, and print making table, and we are going to make another for me to paint on.

In the last photo you can see our driveway: to the left is my studio, the right our house, and down the stairs, Kai's studio. More photos in the next post!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

two new paintings

Falling, and Tree house, both 8 x 10 with a stitched border.

p.s.- Things are crazy busy here and I have totally dropped the ball on this blogging business. A month into the move, and totally unsettled. As soon as we are completely unpacked (probably in three to five years) I will post some photos of our super awesome new home. But first I have to finish six commissions...eek. In case anyone is reading who would like a commission for the holidays, just make sure to let me know before October 15th, to guarantee my little hands have enough time to deliver. Thanks! xo, c