Friday, April 08, 2011

Book on tape = cheap date

When we finally get our hands on a new release from the tiny library near by, the waiting list is so long there isn't enough time for us both to read it. We each got half way through the new Steve Martin book, reading on alternate days, before it was due back.  Kai downloaded the audio version so we could finish.  Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and laughing together at the weird character voices of the reader has turned out to be very fun, and romantic! The only downside is you don't get to see the gorgeous book cover (in person it looks like a painting on canvas) and all the awesome reproductions inside An Object of Beauty.


dirty like the weeds said...

that's the best thing ever! i didn't even know he had a new book out!

Tammi said...

Did you know you can order books from the Marin Mobile Library and you move to top of the queue when doing so? It's the best-kept secret. You also get to keep them for a month. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month in front of the p.o. in Tomales @ 2:30 pm. I get all the new releases pronto.

I did read this book and enjoyed it. Love anything and everything Steve Martin does.