Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skunk buddy

 For weeks I have been trying to evict our downstairs neighbor, the skunk. I realized it is a losing battle, and I should accept the skunk as my new buddy until it decides to leave on it's own accord. Actually, since the skunk's arrival the intimidating feral cats have stopped pooping in our garden- bonus!
My mom just sent me this mug from Corduroy which made my day...although I really hope I don't end up being one of the bad things!


R R said...

Can I begin by saying I think he is adorable?
A friend of mine just got rid of a skunk by blocking the gap it used to come in and out from below his house by using some hinges and a piece of plywood. The idea is for it to be able to leave on his nightly excursions but not be able to come back in.
Good luck (with the skunk and the Sunset event!).

a girl and her bird said...

That mugs lovely! Good luck with your skunk buddy :o)

Clare Elsaesser said...

Thanks RR and Leanne for the encouragement, and RR for the good skunk tips! He really is such a cute little guy, I almost feel guilty trying to get rid of him.

Joyce said...

I love the mug and your mom's sense of humor! xo