Tuesday, August 16, 2011

three lovely things one very bad thing

The bad thing first. After two days of research it is looking like the only internet options at our new house are satellite, which I have heard the most terrible things about, or dial up (really, dial up still exists)! Yikes. Will I still be able to Etsy? Will I have to drive into the hot dog place two towns away (so far the nearest Wifi spot we have seen) everyday to work? I don't even eat hot dogs.

Above, three lovely things:    Pop n Fizz // Tillandsia Air Plant Arrangement
Anatomy Black and White Photo Print- Leg Locked
Retro Rotary Bell System Phone


Linda said...

I have heard that satellites are only bad in bad weather. Lots of homes in my neighbourhood have the tell-tale dishes affixed to their roof. Don't be scared into dial up!

R R said...

I just moved from a place that only had satellite internet. Like Linda said, it was affected by the weather (on stormy, windy or cloudy days I had to restart the antenna to -hopefully- bring it back to life). The connection was not as slow as I thought it would be.
I had a dial up connection as back up for the days in which the satellite refused to work.

On a lighter note: have you seen your prints here?


Good luck with the move!

Clare Elsaesser said...

Thanks for the encouragement Linda and RR. I am going to try and stay positive about the internet issues. I'm sure it will work out somehow. And yes RR I was so excited to see my prints in the porch makeover. Rachael did such an amazing job!