Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy tuesday! and two new little paintings

Today was a good day. It has been cold and gloomy here, and everyone I've corresponded with on Etsy in other parts of the country says it is warm and summer like. California...what's wrong with you! But despite the gloom, today was a fun and productive work day. I contacted a photographer in Spain named Ines, whose photos I used a while back for painting reference, and we started chatting about life, and not getting enough exercise. Being able to connect with people around the world is amazing and very exciting...especially for me, since I have a hard time even leaving the house/studio unless I absolutely have to.

Check out Ines' beautiful and inspiring work here.
And the two paintings above are Calm and Swirl, both 6 x 8 inches, acrylic on watercolor paper.


linda said...

gorgeous new pieces clare! i love the distinct color fields in these little works - have to also love that swirly skirt and navy polkadotted shirt. Another 80+ degree day here but it is very surreal and wacky that i feel a bit out of sorts - what season is it? Ines photos are so wonderful & dreamy - is there any place to purchase her work? she should be on etsy!

Clare Elsaesser said...

thanks so much linda! i think i am going back to the simple lines and bright colors. springs influence! i am so jealous of your warmth, as i huddle by my little heater. i just emailed ines to ask where she sells her work...i'll let you know when i find out :)