Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sunny days and kai's paintings

 Friday was a beautiful, sunny day. It felt so much like summer we took the day off and went on another unsuccessful fishing trip (we caught my finger, and some licheny stuff) on the warm waters of Lake Sonoma. Our first day of leisure in about two months, since we started working seven day weeks.

I really don't mind working every day, not only do I get lots of things done, but it helps me deal with my psychological need to constantly work. Relaxing can be kind of stressful. Does that mean I have a problem? :)
The previous weekend Kai had his show in Forestville. It was a very fun opening with a good attendance, and he's already sold two paintings. Above is my favorite wall of the gallery. Those paintings span something like fifteen feet...maybe more. You can see more images of his show and recent work here.


holly aka golly said...

His work is amazing as is yours! Glad you took a day off and it looks like you picked a perfect one too!

Clare Elsaesser said...

Thanks so much Holly, I appreciate the kind words! And it was nice to take a day off...I am sure you can relate :)