Friday, September 28, 2012

baseball week

Kai went to his first and second MLB baseball game this week! Since we moved to the bay area, we have both become Giants fans, and it was so fun to see them play two of their last home games of the season. Tuesday night's game was fairly terrible, and since Kai and I are both kind of (mostly) crazy, we decided at the last minute to drive down again yesterday afternoon.

We were so glad we did! We sat in the bleachers (only $10 a ticket- we would definitely recommend this over buying normal seats) amongst drunk (we were surrounded on either side by groups of bartenders) and giddy Giants fans, and had so much fun watching our team rack up the points, while eating delicious fried chicken from Farmer Brown's Little Skillet (a really neat chicken and waffle stand only a couple blocks from AT&T park).

If we could afford post season tickets (apparently they start around one hundred and some dollars for the bleachers) we'd be there every game!

Kai pieced together the top panorama. I was smiling the whole game, but apparently not when he took this surprise photo.

My only gripe with baseball is: where is women's baseball? Did professional women's baseball only exist in the forties? Hmm...

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