Tuesday, July 26, 2011

is summer really over already?

 I am a pessimist, and as I kid I was thoroughly depressed about summer ending by mid July. Around this time I would have resigned myself to the horror of ever present back to school paraphernalia lining store shelves and plastering the covers of magazines and catalogs (catalogs are the worst- they like to remind you summer is ending as soon as it has begun)! Hopefully I will never have to go back to school again except in my nightmares, so the preemptive fall makes me a little less bummed out each year, the older I get. And who doesn't love fall, with it's leaves and warm fuzzy things?
Above: 133 2 Cats signed and numbered giclee print, Reclaimed Wine Vat Oak and Glass Beads Necklace, and Cedar Coat


linda said...

NOOOoooo... Summer isn't ending yet... I hate the feeling I get when I hear 'back to school' even though I don't go back anymore. Really gives me the creeps probably because I dread the impending change in weather. I want to permanently live in the feeling of summer :)

Clare Elsaesser said...

Me too Linda! I wish summer could last forever.