Tuesday, November 08, 2011

a couple house photos

We had lovely house guests over the weekend, motivating us to finally finish decorating. Here are a couple photos of the living room, with our new rug/last purchase (West Elm via Ebay) and a corner of the bathroom with Kai's abalone painting. Kai made the coffee table, and dining room table, which you can see a little corner of in the second photo.

Things are starting to come together, and our house feels a bit more like a house! Plus it has been totally freezing, and we can't get the heater to work so we have been having fires in the stove, which really makes things feel nice and cozy.


laurenjeanallece said...

It's gorgeous Clare! These photos need to be in a magazine.

Congratulations on your cozy home!

Mivan said...

a lovely country home, it's beautiful rug!

R R said...

Nice and cozy! Kai's coffee table is amazing.
Glad you are getting established. It takes longer than you thought, doesn't it?

Clare Elsaesser said...

Thanks guys :)
Yes, RR...it seems to take forever!

Linda said...

I am in love! Can I be your next house guest?

Sorry...got a little carried away. It is just lovely - and the view out of your living room window is totally worth the hassle of satellite TV!

I hope you have many years of happiness and creativity in this home.


Clare Elsaesser said...

Awe, thanks Linda! Yes, come visit.

linda said...

looks so cozy... love your decor as well.! what a perfect place to be inspired.