Wednesday, August 01, 2012

bra rah rah

I can't stop clicking through the gorgeous undergarments from Lili Piache, and imagining how great it would be to own a few of these beautiful and perfect looking bras!


Mivan said...

Oh, I think the're very cute, buy them all; and you're so witty! lol!

pauline said...

oh, i love them. Your title was great. ;-)
i also love your latest new paintings - especially "overgrown". And that headboard. Holy crap. Kai is like your own personal HULK. He lifted that!?! It looks amazing. I love the old barn wood... xox

Clare Elsaesser said...

Ha! Thanks Pauline. Yes, Kai is my own personal Hulk...he is great at making furniture, and breaking it when he gets really angry!