Friday, October 21, 2011

keepin' calm...and missing our stories

"Hey, it's Lil' Sebastian from Parks and Recreation!" (my observation after spotting the awesome little stuffed guy above on Etsy).  We are some what deprived of TV and internet at our new house in the trees. People keep congratulating us, like we are doing something good and honorable- hardly our intent!

We used to download everything, including about twenty different shows, and now have a lame-o cap on our daily usage. Watching one movie trailer (Kai's favorite activity) can completely deplete it, and we are left we nothing. The price we pay to wake up with the ocean out our bedroom window...I'll stop complaining.

But, in case any avid TV watchers happen upon this...just curious, what are we missing?
Has anyone been watching Bored to Death? It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Boardwalk name a couple off our long list of favorites.

Awesome items above: lil' sebastian by Royal Mint, Vintage purse from Nemres, and Keep Calm and Carry On by Animalia Shop


R R said...

Not sure on what is gong on with those particular shows, but when we lived at the ranch with only a dial up connection we used to receive our TV shows by mail (DVDs). We were always one season behind, but there were no commercials and we could watch them whenever we wanted.
On a different topic, J and I drove through Jenner last weekend. Thought about you.
Hope you are well and having a nice weekend!

Tammi said...

I feel our pain with the satellite connection for internet. We have not missed having cable and and merely order them through the mail like your friend (a season behind everyone else).

I have a few tips about the internet usage meter per 24 hour period and it's helped our household a bunch. Talk live with you soon.

Oh, and Smug Fox is my new favorite work of yours. Love it and thank you.

Tammi said...

Can't believe all the typos in my last comment. Lame.

I feel YOUR pain, Clare.