Monday, July 09, 2012

honeymoon photos!

 Day 1, Kai's birthday Spam shopping spree. Kai loves Spam. Seriously! Most nights he cooks really delicious, fancy meals, I couldn't be luckier...but like all food lovers, (so I'm lead to believe by reading the Lucky Peach), he also likes to indulge a little (or a lot) in some seriously greasy cooking action. I won't go into detail, but the Spam and American Cheese omelet might be one of my new favorites.
 We are not tan yet, but we are very happy!

Our front lawn

The house we stayed in had a really cool 70's aesthetic.
 Our favorite beach, Wailea Bay, or Beach 69 has the perfect combination of sun and shade. We spent most of the trip here, hiding out between the trees drinking our favorite tropical drink, the Mai Tai.
 Enjoying one of many Mai Tais in a tree. You can't see it very well in this photo, but I am wearing this swim suit, which I am totally crazy about! I think it is my favorite suit I've ever owned.
A lazy turtle, and a partially washed away turtle sand sculpture we happened upon.
 Kai picking coconuts.
 Kai harvesting a coconut, for a delicious beach treat!
Kai went Coco Loco! I was totally satisfied with my choice in husband, after watching him scale a palm tree and shake down a bunch of delicious coconuts. I know we would survive if we were stranded together on a desert isle.
 The sky was beautiful night and day. It is only slightly embarrassing to show and mention we floated around in tubes more than a few times, (before they got holes in them) like babies. I don't think brightly colored inner tubes are Hawaii appropriate. We got a few dirty looks from the classier beach goers.
Kai fished on the reef in front of our house, but we were warned the reef fish carry a horrible toxin, which can make you sick for years or kill you, so there was a lot of catch and release.
Mai Tai fixins
Kai was so bummed we couldn't eat the reef fish, so he plucked a sea urchin from the rocks. Luckily he had these gloves on hand?! I guess he knew he was going to have a Survivorman honeymoon. It was not as good as Uni from Japanese restaurants. We had sushi later, and the chef told us the water in Hawaii is too warm for good has to come from Japan or California apparently.
Yes, you guessed it, another beach Mai Tai. We are currently having Mai Tai withdrawals.
It was a very happy, and oh so relaxing honeymoon!!
Now back to work.



Linda said...

So lovely! Congratulations again. What a beautiful place to begin your married life. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Linda

Mivan said...

thanks for sharing your stay dear honeymooners! It all looked so lovely!

Beliz said...

Beautiful photos and your honeymoon looks so relaxing and fun !!
Congrats again !!

Clare Elsaesser said...

Thanks so much guys! It was such a fun trip. Beliz, your hats were just perfect!! I wore them everyday :)

linda said...

welcome back clare! what a beautiful setting - love seeing your pics. continued happy happy times & fun adventures to you both...

Scintilla said...

ohh, it has been awhile since i visited here! looks awesome, your honey moon! I know that beach too, because I used to live on the BIg Island and that was my favorite spot. Did a local tell you about it? Congrats!

Clare Elsaesser said...

Thanks Jen!! Ooh, I can't believe you lived on the big island! How fun. We actually found out about it in that blue guide book :) Such a gorgeous beach.