Monday, July 16, 2012

searching for a comfy loafer

This weekend we took a little trip to San Francisco with our friend Ariel, to meet up with my friend from crazy art high school days, Sarah and a couple of her friends who were visiting from Brooklyn. We had lots of fun tromping around the city and eating and drinking delicious things. Living in the country has given me a terrible fear of loud and crowded places, but also a lusting and appreciation for specialty foods, and other fanciness only cities can provide! We stopped in at Bulo Shoes in the Hayes Valley, and I lovingly fondled the Hudson Bolero loafers above, and then left empty handed with loafers on my mind.

The Hudson shoes were really soft, and had nice hand made feel about them, which made me think maybe I could find a well crafted pair of loafers on Etsy. There aren't too many to be found, but these Ladies Loafers by  Ninon Shoes look pretty neat, and are a lot cheaper than the Hudson pair too!

Does anyone have any other comfy loafer suggestions? I am itching for some little leather slip ons!



Mivan said...

Oh, why didn't you get them? Or why didn't your husband get them for you? lol!
I will certainly browse ETSY for you!

Clare Elsaesser said...

Ha! I should have tried to convince him, but he has been working on so many home improvement projects, I should probably just buy them myself :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare!

I tried leaving a comment a couple of days ago, but it doesn't look like it went through. I just wanted to let you know that those Bolero flats are on super duper sale now... they are only $99!

Thanks for mentioning Bulo on your blog. Have a fabulous day!

Charly Godwin
Bulo Shoes

Clare Elsaesser said...

Charly! Thanks so much for stopping in. My sister in law actually just bought a pair from your shop and told me they are on sale too! How exciting :) You guys really have gorgeous shoes.