Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy summer: camping

 Kai and I were going to go on a camping trip today, but it looks like we are both too busy painting...which is a good thing! So I am living vicariously through these wonderful Etsy items which evoke the happiest camping feelings:
 Vintage 1920's photo. The Mountain Climber Woman from Toby CreekCampfire Limited Edition Print by Groundwork, Vintage Red Lantern from Nostalgie Europe, A book about moss and lichen vol. 1 photo by Roger J. Porter, Cotton sleeping bag quilt by good intent, and Dreamy Beach photo by Jessica Torres.

I think Big Sur, CA is my all time favorite camping destination. Do you guys like camping, and if so what's your favorite spot? I would love to hear!

ps- I am eternally on a search for the perfect hot springs...

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