Friday, June 24, 2011

happy weekend, and thank you oaxaca

We were drinking my favorite beverage, Tequila on Cinco de Mayo, and RR said to try Mezcal.
Mezcal is from Oaxaca, and has a distinctive smokey taste. It also makes you feel light and happy, (I  deduced) and has health benefits such as aiding digestion and acting as an aphrodisiac (I will not tell you if that has been deduced)! All I can say is I have a new favorite beverage, and if any of you are Tequila fans and haven't tried Mezcal, get to it, it's delicious. And have a happy weekend!
(image from the New York Times)


Mivan said...

Gracias por El tippo!
See if I can dig out any decent mescal in Stockholm! =/
P.S. great pic.

R R said...

Yay! Isn't it amazing?
I knew you would enjoy it.
Maybe one day we will get to drink mezcal cocktails together. I would love that.

Clare Elsaesser said...

Yes, it is amazing RR! We just got another bottle last night...mmm. We should definitely get together for cocktails! And hope you had a happy Midsummer Mike! I wonder if it will be hard to find mescal in Sweden??

R R said...